Satisfying my writing passion -.-“

It isn’t exactly a writing passion, it’s more of pouring out my thoughts. Everyone has a side of his personality that kept inside, thoughts, ideas, judgments, dreams, wishes, stories, passions, …etc. wether they are bad or good, they are there. They comes out in this cyperworld, away from anyone’s judgmental eyes. It’s like you have a whole another persona. Not wanting to hold back anymore, I started this blog, hoping I fulfill some of my dreams. Escaping would be a right explanation too.

After pouring that out, my head is blank already.. so this is for now, the first step: explaining why I started a blog (( to me)).

Next entry I might start addressing my passions and write accordingly.. you see am a planner kid of person, I have to plan a head, although I don’t follow all the plans. But I have to, for the sake of my mind peace..

I just want to note, not everything I write here must be true or false… it could be a fact or a fiction.. but I’ll address if it’s either ..